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Port Control Module and PORTx_PCMy

Question asked by S Austin on Oct 6, 2018
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K60 Sub-Family Data Sheet, Rev. 3, 6/2013, section 8.1 provides a table with 10 different configurations for each pin, and states the PCM "is responsible for selecting which ALT functionality is available on each pin."  Simple enough, I want the ALT2 configuration according to that table. Is that one write to a PCM register or multiple writes? How do I decode what's in the table in 8.1 to lines of code? I see lots of examples in the forums where people suggest code snippets like:




I am using KDS and ProcessorExpert. I find a file called MK60F12.h under ProcessorExpert/lib/Kinetis/iofiles which has a collection of these #defines, so we have basically a statement with three arguments:


      PORTx_PCRy = PORT_PCR_MUX(n) ; 


  • "x" in PORTx (for my chip, x is from the set {A, B, C, D, E, F})
  • "y" in _PCRy (for my chip, y goes from 0-31)
  • (n) in PORT_PCR_MUX(n) (PORT_PCR_MUX is a macro taking a 32-bit unsigned integer)


So it seems there might be a rather large number of possible combinations, but one would naturally assume there's some simple means of matching up Section 8.1 with the appropriate values of x, y and n for each ALT configuration? I don't find any further details in the K60 Sub-Family Data Sheet, nor in the User's Guide for the dev boards I'm using (NXP TWR-K60F120M and NXP TWR-K60D100M). Is there one "missing link" document that closes this gap?