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S32K144 EVB said PEmicro GDB Launch Failure

Question asked by dashuang shengds on Oct 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by dashuang shengds


    I am using S32K144 EVB. It said "PEmicro GDB Launch Failure " after I have downlaod sevral times program to S32K144 by OpenSDA on the EVB. It show like this.

   And I try to resove the problem:

1, Try different debug tool. I have try using PE multilink universal FX, and the result is same;

2, I press the reset button "SW1", the OpenSDA can go to bootloader mode, but the S32K144 is still working and can't be reset by the reset button "SW1".

3, I try to use full chip erase  but the result is same. The config is show below


Is the GBD have some problem? I hope someone can help me, thank you!