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Changing Register Configuration of PF3000 PMIC

Question asked by Rineet K V on Oct 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Jinyu Zhang


We are using MC32PF3000A7EP PMIC in our design from imx6ul + pf3000 series.

We are trying to configure following registers but the regulator voltages are not getting configured. Following are the details.


Register NameRegister AddressValueOutput
SW1BVOLT0x2E0X17 (10111) 1.275V
OTP SWBST SEQ0XBD0X04 (100)for setting the sequence to 4



We are configuring it in a run time via a micro controller acting as a I2C host. I2C address for PMIC is set to 0X08 (default address).


In the circuit we are connecting the VDDOTP pin to ground since the IC is pre-programmed. I am attaching my PMIC schematics here. Please let me know to set the Functional register do we need to do any other setting in hardware or software.