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FT232H interface with LPC4370

Question asked by on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Carlos_Mendoza

Hello all


we do not want to implement a custom driver on the windows side (due to timeplan reasons), but need to transfer data over USB with a datarate of ~5 MBytes/s. For this we think that the FT232H chip is a good choice. Is it possible to connect the FT232H chip to the EMC (External Memory Controller) interface of the LPC4370. We plan to have a SD-RAM as well on the EMC interface. By reading the Reference Manual of the LPC4370 it seems to be possible but what are the constraints in latency? What do you think? Does anybody already had such a configuration? Is it a problem when the SD-RAM has a 32bit databus-width and the FT232H only a 8bit databus-width?


Thanks for your comments and support