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MCUXpresso generates the wrong function signature

Question asked by Simon Haines on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by Lukas Heczko

The Peripherals tool of MCUXpresso 10.2.1 generates the wrong function signature from the eDMA mode of the SPI peripheral using KSDK 2.4.2 for the FRDM K64F.


If you enable 'Initialization of eDMA callback' and provide a 'Transfer callback function name', the generated function signature in the peripherals.h header file is:

/* DSPI eDMA callback function for the SPI component (init. function BOARD_InitPeripherals)*/
extern void DSPI_Callback(DSPI_Type *, dspi_master_edma_handle_t *, status_t, void *);

There is no such type as 'DSPI_Type' and so including this file generates compile errors. The correct type (according to MK64F12.h) is 'SPI_Type' without the leading 'D'. The rest of the DSPI API correctly uses the SPI_Type name.