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Possible counterfeit Freescale 68K (Help Identify)

Question asked by John Clark on Oct 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by John Clark

Hi, so I have an MC68EC020FG25 on a device that I purchased some time this year. It has a date code of 1509 and a mask of 2F37E. 


It is my understanding that Freescale ceased production of the 020 line in 2010, and that e2v (who took the remaining wafers) only produced CERQUAD. It carries the Freescale logo, but is *just* (a matter of months?) before the takeover by NXP.


I believe this item is counterfeit - but i'd appreciate input from you guys specifically for reasons that should be obvious. 


So... to put the question simply: Is it at all possible to have a *genuine* Freescale EC020FG25 manufactured in 2015?


Cheers for ya time, all!