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I2C Delay between ACK and Data from slave

Question asked by Ellen Lin on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Dear NXP , 


   Now I am using KL43Z I2C as Slave Device , and I need to read data from KL43Z ( I2C Slave ) , and i found a delay ( about 16us between ACK & DATA ( Slave ) . as below CLOCK setting and LA Picture , Why this happen ? how to modify to solve this , i want to slave response quickly . The Situation as below , 


IDE : MCUXpresso

SDK Project : reference "frdmkl43z_i2c_interrupt_b2b_transfer_slave"

I2C Slave : FRDM-KL43Z

Setting : At 125KHz, SCK should be Hi 4us and low 4us 


and there are some delay (about 2 clocks = 16us) before slave mode out to master.


Thanks a lot !!