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Configure DDR_SDRAM_CFG_2[D_INIT]=0b'1 and  DDR_SDRAM_CFG[ECC_EN]=0b'1 in the kernel to enable ECC?

Question asked by Tracy Smith on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Tracy Smith

For any layerscape product where ECC is enabled (e.g. LS1043A-QDS, LS1046A-RDB) how and specifically where are DDR_SDRAM_CFG_2[D_INIT]=0b'1 and DDR_SDRAM_CFG[ECC_EN]=0b'1 configured in the Linux kernel? Not asking where they are enabled in uboot. 


If they are only configured in uboot on the LS1043A-QDS, why?