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touchscreen y-axis reversed, and screen limits too low

Question asked by David Luberger on Oct 2, 2018
  1. I'm using the tsc2007 touchscreen controller, and I finally have it up and running, and can move the mouse cursor on the LCD and select things, so it's working well, but for some reason the y-axis is reversed.  I verified the 4 inputs to the touchscreen controller do match the pinout on the LCD, and the x-axis tracks perfectly.  Is there a way to change the tsc controller from within Linux, or do I have to change something in the device tree? swapping pins on the tsc is not an option, and i shouldn't have to because i know the pins are connected right.
  2. The bounds of the cursor are smaller than my screen. I have the screen setup in the device tree correctly, as the desktop displays correctly to the extents of the screen. however, when i move the cursor with the touchscreen, i cannot move the cursor past a certain invisible limit.  I've used the same tsc wired manually on the i.mx6ull eval board and it worked fine.I'm guessing this is also some device tree issue, and i've followed all of Igor's recommendations and copied settings from other boards.  Again, can i modify tsc settings from within the Linux operating system, or is there some other way to correct this?