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running startx from the console disables the console

Question asked by David Luberger on Oct 2, 2018

For whatever reason, startx isn't running automatically when my device starts up.  If I enter the startx command from the console, the lxde desktop comes up fine.  However, since I ran startx from the serial port console, the console itself is now longer accepting command inputs because the startx command is actively running. I can type but it's no longer at a shell prompt, and typing anything doesn't cause a response from the shell. If I hit ctrl-c it kills the desktop that was running on the lcd screen but I then get back to the shell prompt.  Is there a way to load the desktop without it "consuming" my serial terminal?  I've read about getty, but I can't do things like switch terminal sessions with ctrl-alt-f2 etc. because I can't send ctrl-alt commands through my serial window (unless that's just a matter of changing settings).