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How repair SSI bitclock / frame sync fault

Question asked by marco rosciio on Oct 3, 2018
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Im'working on imx6Q cpu with SSI audio interface. SSI1 works very well into playback and capture mode.

The problem is:

I would like to improve it. I notice that if have a fault on physical bitclock signal I have a problem. In particular in Network mode (with more then 1 slots) slot shift of 1 slot respect the frame sync. the same problem there isn't if I have a fault on frame sync signal.

I enable interrupts on SIER and I see into SISR RFS, TFS, RLS and TLS flags.

I would like to see 1 flag of RFS and after 1 flag og RLS. Flags showed randomic events.


I hope someone help me.



Marco from Italy