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How to switch to older version of firmware in PE MICRO UNIVERSAL MULTILINK FX Rev B (PEMB1BF40)

Question asked by Pritam Patil on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Pritam Patil

I was using PE MICRO universal multilink FX for debugging my project. 

Ir was working fine for me until i updated my S32DS IDE and the firmware of PE MICRO universal multilink FX also got updated automatically when i tried to debug it.

Now PE MICRO universal multilink FX is not responding properly.

It is unable to enter DEBUG mode.


After clicking on ABORT, i got the following message.



I have re--installed the S32DS older version(the one without updates) still it is not working fine.

I think reverting back to older version of firmware may resolve the issue. If not, please suggest an alternative.

How to revert back to older version?

I have downloaded 

and installed firmware given here, but it didn't work...

Please revert back ASAP.