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Check Out How We Are Enriching Your Rapid IoT Experience!

Discussion created by Javier Solorzano Employee on Oct 2, 2018

We have posted a couple of interesting updates!


  • Mobile apps have been updated for a more robust BLE provisioning, particularly with Android devices.
    • Click here to find the files under the " Software" section.


  • NXP authentication A1006 chip is now enabled and used for BLE provisioning on the Out Of The BOx application.
    • Using a docking station and connecting to a phone, you can see the different authentication steps in a serial comm. window.
    • Make sure your mobile app is up to date ( v1.1.8)
  • More click elements are now available for you to tinker and develop:
    • 8x8 LED click to display text scrolling text
    • Hbridge2 click to control motors
    • Motion detector click
    • and more...

Just log into the Rapid IoT Studio IDE by clicking here and check it out!


Post all your questions here. We look forward to helping you.