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iMX8Q evaluation board PCIe boot failure

Question asked by Jim Dai on Oct 1, 2018
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Right now we are working on iMX8 PCIe link. Without any PCIe device inserted in the iMX8Q evaluation board, we can get PCIe related message as below when boot up:


[    0.910397] 5f010000.pcie supply epdev_on not found, using dummy regulator
[    0.917200] OF: PCI: host bridge /pcie@0x5f010000 ranges:
[    0.922347] OF: PCI:   No bus range found for /pcie@0x5f010000, using [bus 00-ff]
[    1.187991] imx6q-pcie 5f010000.pcie: phy link never came up
[    1.193315] imx6q-pcie 5f010000.pcie: Link never came up
[    1.198622] imx6q-pcie 5f010000.pcie: failed to initialize host
[    1.204522] imx6q-pcie 5f010000.pcie: unable to add pcie port.
[    1.210580] imx6q-pcie: probe of 5f010000.pcie failed with error -110
It seems that iMX8Q still uses the same driver for PCIe from iMX6. Does any body can address what's the root cause?
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