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SDK101, pgs. 6-3 & 6-17, Put data into PRAM, Why?

Question asked by j... on Oct 2, 2018
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Page 6-3)   6.1.4 pramdata.h and pramdata.c
When writing an embedded application, it is sometimes useful to put some or all program variables into Program RAM instead of Data RAM. The pramdata.h and pramdata.c files isolate SDK data that is destined to be placed into Program RAM. See Section 6.3 for more information.


Page 6-17) Linking: Initialized Data For Program RAM
Section 6.1.4 explains why data is placed into Program RAM.


Section 6.1.4 does NOT explain why data is placed into Program RAM. It only states that "sometimes it useful" with NO EXPLANATION at all. One of the big-boasts to the DSC parts is the Harvard Architecture and simultaneous access of instructions and data (some chips w\2 data busses). So, to suddenly say it is useful to put data in PRAM without any context is not helpful.


Why is it useful to put data into PRAM?