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Space in path not accepting in KDS

Question asked by Snigdha Das on Oct 1, 2018
I have followed the user manual ( for installing KDS and KSDK and the docking station setup in my windows 10 system. Now I have tried to run the existing codes ( The existing code is kept in C:/HEXIWEAR-master location. The HEXIWEAR_MK64 (main code) is located in C:/HEXIWEAR-master/SW/MK64 KDS/HEXIWEAR_MK64. As the path contains space "MK64 KDS", I am getting the build error. Hence I change the path name by MK64_KDS. Now, it builds successfully but during the run time, it shows 'C:/HEXIWEAR-master/SW/MK64 KDS/HEXIWEAR_MK64/code/main.c: No such file or directory.' I am unable to locate the position where that C:/HEXIWEAR-master/SW/MK64 KDS/HEXIWEAR_MK64 path still exists. 
I have already contacted to mikroe team but they have told me to contact NXP in this regards as this issue is regarding KDS. 

Please guide me regarding this.