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Missing PWM drivers in latest version of LPCOpen Library

Question asked by Fredrik Johansson on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by soledad

We're trying to use the MCPWM peripheral on the LPC1788 (embedded artists dev. kit).

We cannot find drivers for the MCPWM peripheral in the latest version of LPCOpen Library. Previously we were working with an older version that contained the drivers needed in the files "lpc_177x_8x_mcpwm.c" and "lpc_177x_8x_mcpwm.h",

however in the latest version these files are gone and in the replacement file "mcpwm_17xx_40xx.h" only includes the Motor Control PWM register block structure.


So what we would like to know is:

-Where can we find the drivers for the MCPWM peripheral?

-Are there any examples for the MCPWM peripheral that includes the libraries or drivers needed?