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imx6 HAB, Secure Boot of Eboot

Question asked by Randy St. John on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by Randy St. John

We have an imx6 Quad processor running WEC2013 which uses Eboot as its bootloader.  We have spend several days trying to understand HAB and how we would bet it to work with Eboot. From searching the forums it seems that some people have successfully done this but no details were provided.


So with that background we have a couple of questions to maybe get us a bit further along.


1. ...

We have two options for Eboot; Eboot.bin is an image with several chunks of which chunk 4 contains the IVT, DCD and eboot image.  We also have an Eboot.nb0 which is a fully expanded and zero filled file that mimics the image as written to FLASH (We are booting from EMMC flash)


Any suggestions as to which one would be easier to make work with HAB?



Does the HAB Prom validate the image from its boot media or after it has been loaded into RAM?  We are trying to understand what address to put into the CFS files in the Blocks Section.


It seems that in EMMC the address is 0xA8101400 where the part of Eboot with the IVT, DCD, and Image gets written.  After it gets put in RAM the address 0x00907400 seems to be where the data goes.



Regardless of address in the Block section (Flash or RAM), if we point it to the beginning of the IVT can we have an offset of 0?  Why would someone need an offset if they can point the Address to the beginning of the signed image?


Maybe we are missing something fundamental so please point us in the right direction.


Thank you for your help