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Disable or reduce DPAA reserved-memory

Question asked by Felipe Rechia on Oct 1, 2018



We have a product which uses T1024 processor, and we are working with tight memory constraints. Among our options to free up some memory we are considering disabling DPAA in order to save some memory.


Is it possible to completely disable DPAA and remove reserved memory from the Device Tree? Currently we reserve 56 MiB for DPAA through bman-fbpr, qman-fqd and qman-pfdr labels in the device tree source file.


If it is not possible to disable DPAA (this thread suggests that it is not possible to disable by DPAA: Packets generator with DPAA ? ), Can we safely reduce the reserved memory for the buffer and queue managers without compromising stability of the corresponding Ethernet interfaces? Our dts section that reserves memory for qman and bman is below for reference:


     reserved-memory {           #address-cells = <2>;           #size-cells = <2>;           ranges;            bman_fbpr: bman-fbpr {                size = <0 0x1000000>;                alignment = <0 0x1000000>;           };           qman_fqd: qman-fqd {                size = <0 0x800000>;                alignment = <0 0x800000>;           };           qman_pfdr: qman-pfdr {                size = <0 0x2000000>;                alignment = <0 0x2000000>;           };      };

Thanks in advance for any help!