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Can I replace directly a MPC5534MVM80 burned from a pcb of an ecu with a new one power on the ecu still works? I have to do something after solder the new one?

Question asked by Carlos lopez on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by David Tosenovjan

Good Morning. I am Carlos Lopez. Mechanical Engineer at Idneo Tecnologies. I recently purchased an Ecu Microtec M197 with one MPC5534MVM80. I have shortcircuit accidentaly it and the chipset burned. Can I replace it for a new one and power on directly the ECU? I have to do something else? Need software programmed first? 


I have no Idea about electronics, so maybe I am asking something stupid. I just want to make the ECU work again.


Thanks in advance. 





MPC5534MVM80 burned from a microtec ECU