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Frecuency issues with a QG8

Question asked by Alejandro Bermudez on Dec 5, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2008 by Alejandro Bermudez

I've been having frecuency issues while running my hardware. This is what I get from the debugger:

Frequency change to ~0hz.
Frequency change to ~4386382hz.

I'm guessing it has to be with some kind of noise caused by these motors that I'm controlling using H-Bridges. The question is: What could be the most common cause for this issue? or what you guys would advice me to check in first place?

And besides that problem, I'm also having another one which I'm pretty sure that it has to be with the same thing and is that when I'm controlling the motors, they suddenly stop working after an instruction, but there isn't a reset or a frecuency change, and they start working again if I turn on the H-Bridges again. It could be an H-Bridge issue or some code error too.

I have to check well and ask at college also but I wanted to hear some inputs here since in most of cases those problems are easy to solve (problems because of my lack of experience :smileytongue:)


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