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EGL Vivante crash + android N7 + imx6q

Question asked by Damiano Bolla on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by igorpadykov

Good morning, I have a question on EGL + Imx6q (axellite board) + Android android_N7.1.2_2.0.0_source


I am "porting" the above android version to a board that is using axelite imx6q

After some battling with sdcard size, partitions and SELinux I have a bootable android with a custom kernel

Also have console (serial) and adb working, what is not working is surfaceflinger

You can see the error messages in the file attached and the kernel .config


The crash is clearly due to a mismatch from the given binary libraries 

(Yes, binary BLOB are a huge problem and a total waste of everybody time)

I can see the linux logo while booting the android kernel and the Yocto development is able to use X11, so, hw is working


Starting with the assumption that someone, with a specific board, and specific configuration has used the vivante EGL...


Can any of the wizards around there tell me how to find out what is the compatibility matrix ?

The provided vivante library is compatible with what ?

(what are the files that are relevant for Android N7.1.2)


Thanks to all of you.