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Publishing the device data using Mqtt

Question asked by Niranjan ravi on Sep 30, 2018
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       I m working with A71ch and following the documentation . It states that 

"If only one Cloud Pub/Sub is selected, all device telemetry will be published on that topic".  I do have a single PubsubTopic in my application. 

      When I establish a connection and check the device status it shows the API's are being hit and Telemetry Event Received are showing updates. But I cannot find any way to see what data is flowing or where to find the data flow. 

    In google support documentation it is stated as 

Publishing telemetry events

A device can publish a telemetry event by issuing a PUBLISH message through the MQTT connection. Messages must be published to an MQTT topic in the following format:



The above way to send the data to the topic. 


But the architecture in MCU seems a bit different. I tried updating my dummy data values in gcpPubSub.c but I was not successful.


For instance :



This "Value" field is from a cPayLoad function . In Watson IoT platform for same a71ch, they have specified where to check this. Where can I find this in google cloud?


(This is the default data which is being sent from demo)


Is there anywhere I can find the right syntax to do this job? I need to send the data from K64F with A71ch to google cloud and visually see the data flow/data.


Any help or pointers would be helpful.