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Re: FRDM-K82F error while programming using blhost

Discussion created by Kerry Zhou Employee on Sep 7, 2018
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Hi Dhanapal,

   What the board you are using? FRDM-K82?

   You can't use the kinetiFlashTool to download the sb file, but you can download the .bin file.

   From your description, it seems your communication also have problem, if you don't download the qspi code, just normal blink code, can you success?

   If you are using the FRDM-K82 board, before you download the code, I suggest you use the JLINK commander to do the unlock kinetis at first, then before you connect the HID, press the NMI pin hold on it, then press the reset, release reset pin, release NMI pin, just let the code enter the ROM bootloader, now you can use the kinetis flash tool to connect your chip, and download the .bin file which is located from flash 0x00.

  Please try it at first, after make sure your communication have no problem, then go on to work on the qspi problem on your side.



Have a great day,


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