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Kinetis KV31x Motor Control with HALL Sensors (speed control and Torque control)

Question asked by Naga Penmetsa on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by Adam Reynolds



My application needs a Hall sensor based BLDC motor control because of high startup torques and motor starting at Full loads conditions. I want to evaluate  Hall sensor based control using KV31x parts. I looked at NXP website and not able to find any Hall sensor based examples with KV series. I am very surprised that i couldn't find any examples of Hall effect based on KV series parts. All I found was sensorless FOC control.


Some of our product required to run at constant RPM and some require Constant Torque, but these motors may have a very high startup torque, load and may hit stall conditions many times in its life time. I would like to evaluate both sensorless and Hall sensor control. I will use KMS for sensoless control, and i am currently need help with Hall sensor based control on KV series and i cannot find any reference examples on any KV  tower boards. 


Naga Penmetsa