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Can't flash mc68evb912bc32

Question asked by Jack Skidanov on Dec 5, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2008 by Tom Thompson
I have a problem - I can't correctly write my programms to flash of EVB. Please, help, I'm very confused about it and don't know what to do yet.
I generate .s19 file with CodeWarrior, it looks right. Connect computer to EVB via COM port, connect +12 V to EVB, set Vfp on EVB, set bootload mode (J3 and J4 to pos A), press RESET on EVB. Then I have message "(E)rase, (P)rogramm, (L)oad" at my computer terminal. It's right. So I press E and get message "Erase" (it's right too). Then I write my .s19 file to EVB and for some time and a lot of stars (*) get message "Programmed". It's right too. So, as I think, all done correctly and I cut +12 V, set Vpp on EVB, change mode to 'EVB' (J3, J4 to pos. B) and reset controller (or turn off/on) and get nothing! I don't know what to do. I've already tried to programm EVB with different programms, changed settings of .s19 file generation, nothing help.
Please help me, give some advice. In my programms I changed interrupts to alternative addresses (0xf7c0 - 0xf7ff), also I have pair of EVBs and noone works, so it's problem of .s19 files (but it looks right and programm succesfull) or bootload modes. May it be that controller don't jump to startup vector 0xf7ef?