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MK20DX128VFM5 Fails to load binary on K66

Question asked by kumar narendra singh on Sep 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Hi I am using FRDM-K66 reference schematic design for my custom board. I have around 10 boards working as openSDA and i am able to program K66 using Dragging and Dropping binary. In one of the board, K20 is detected as storage and its detected as FRDM-K66FD drive as others but when i try to drag and drop binary file then K66 doesn't get programmed and binary file remains in the drive. Also i could see that K20 pulls the reset and doesn't recover back(i.e. K66 reset pin remains low always) which should actually recover back and pulled high after programming is over.

Can anyone please let me know what may be reason for not programming K66? I am able to program K66 and K20 with JTAG interface separately. All the interface lines in between K20 and K20 also get correct voltages and all.