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About YUV 8-bit & IPUS kernel

Question asked by Liu Jialu on Sep 29, 2018

Dear NXP:

          Camera output YUV 8-bit stream, what should i do with S32DS ISP Graph Tool?

          and which IPUS kernel should i select to handle it ? like below capture shows, is there more documentation about the kernels?

          Please help to support, thanks a lot.


My debugging enviroment:

          Hardware: S32V234EVB (Mainboard) + MAX9286S32V234DB (Deserializer) + LI-OV10640-490-GMSL-055H(Camera, attached datasheet)

          Software: isp-ov10635-quad (VSDK Demo)


Running the demo 'isp-ov10635-quad',  get error:

          Failed to grab image number 0