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iMX6SL EVK LPDDR2 Calibration

Question asked by HARISH KUMAR T S on Sep 28, 2018


I am try the iMX6SL EVK board LPDDR2 stress test. using following tools.

MX6SL_MMDC_LPDDR2_register_programming_aid_v1.8.xlsx  version spreadsheet .

ddr_stress_tester_v2.80 version calibration tool.


Please check the following configuration are correct. 

DDR configuration
DDR type is LPDDR2 in 1-channel mode.
Data width: 32, bank num: 8
Row size: 14, col size: 10
Both chip select CSD0 and CSD1 are used
Density per chip select: 512MB
Density per channel: 1024MB


But I am not getting the proper calibration value in the DDR stress test, my log file is attached with this,

Please provide any solution to get the proper calibration values in Freescale iMX6SL EVK board.