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FRDM KW01-9032 Tx Rx communication problem

Question asked by Wenshuai Lu on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Wenshuai Lu


I am using two FRDM KW01-9032 boards to communicate by RF.  I just transplant the project "TPMS-MKW01-LF-RF-Communication-KDS3" to one FRDM-KW01-9032 board for Rx, and write Tx code on another board based on the Reference Manual and the Rx code.  I use 434MHz, other parameters as default.  Now I can transmit out, as TxReady and TxSent status are right,  and for the rx board, CRC is OK, PayloadReady is OK, but the buffer data are all 0.


I think about two problems:

1. The FRDM-KW01-9032 is for 900MHz, not for 434MHz ?

2. The parameters by default may not match for tx and rx end ?


the code is as attached.