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Question asked by e Lin on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by e Lin

Dear NXP ,


   Now I am using Code Warrior v8.3 to Download MC56F8037 DSC Solution ( Virtual XP Mode )


   Debug Tool : PE-Micro uMultilink

   NXP IDE : Code Warrior v8.3

   Windows :

         Virtual XP Mode by AN3936 :How to install and run Classic CodeWarrior products on 64-bit Windows 7 PC 

   Result :CCS : USB Open Failure as Following Picture .


   USB Multilink how to install on this Environment ? or any other can solve this ? thanks a lot !!



   If i use win7-32bit PC with CW v8.3 ( Not Virtual XP Mode ) Sill this happen , how to solve this ? Thanks a lot !!


   Customer says that they can't accept Porting Classic FW to new IDE ( Like CW11.0 ) , Because CheckSum can't different , the product has already MP , They need a good method to check same situation as before . 


Thanks a lot !!