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MPC8309 Custom board with NandFlash

Question asked by Akhilesh Chidare on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2018 by Yiping Wang


we have designed a custom board based on MPC8309. we are targeting NAND flash based Uboot and application.

we have configured reset configuration words nand flash small page. based on that i have configured calculated RCW.

as it is a bare board the RCW are not found in the flash memory. instead i have followed the procedure as suggested in PA arch manual for loading RCW in bare boards. i am using the default files of MPCTWR and changing only the RCWLR and RCWHR values in the MPC8309TWR_HRCW_JTAG.txt present in jtag chains. i have modified the value as below


8309 (1 1) (2 0x42040003) (3 0xA4140000) (what actually is 2 and 3 here ?)


when following the procedure as suggested by NXP i am seeing the following error.

(Targeting_PA_Processors.pdf to use CodeWarrior JTAG configuration file to override RCW on the target board. )


Error message: mpc83xx: cannot put the target into DEBUG mode.


is there anything to be modified for NAND based boot? what needs to be done to properly load the RCW via the debugger