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K66 CAN controllers. Can I tie the 2 together?

Question asked by Larry DeMuth on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Robert Boys

I'm trying to develop a CAN interface but don't have my boards yet. I have one board with a K66 on it and I was wondering if I can tie CAN0 Tx to CAN1 Rx, and CAN1 Tx to CAN0 Rx and be able to communicate via CAN to each other (CAN1 <--> CAN0). I tried it but when I send from CAN1 to CAN0 (haven't tried it the other way) I see on the scope the same pattern repeating about every 20mS even though I only send once. In the CAN0 interrupt, the interrupt is caused by ESR1 reg STFERR (stuff error) bit, which also keeps repeating, not by a message box interrupt. I'm using the CAN demo code as a base for my testing, so I'm pretty certain both CAN's are being configured properly.


I'm thinking I can't do my testing this way for some reason, but want to verify this one way or another.