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Wrong LED ports specified in SDK's build.h

Question asked by Dan Davidson on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by Dan Davidson

Was I given access to the wrong board in MCUXpresso SDK Builder or does this board's SDK need fixed?


Have a TWR-POS-K81 board. When using (online) MCUXpresso SDK Builder, the only K81 board that appears is the "TWR-K81F150M" and the build is named "". After downloading the SDK, building and running both demo_apps_led_blinky and driver_examples_gpio_gpio_led, neither one blinks any LEDs.


After examining the board.h and pin_mux.c files and the TWR-POS-K81 User Guide, the following was found:


    ITEM            PORT    PIN

    Red LED       D           11

    Green LED    D           12

    Blue LED       D           13

    SW3              A            21

    SW2              A             4


    ITEM             PORT    PIN

    Red LED        C           7

    Green LED     C           8

    Blue LED        C           13

    Orange LED   D           10

    Pushbutton     A             4


None of the LED port specifications are correct in board.h.

The Orange LED is not even specified in board.h.

There are two switches/buttons listed in board.h but only one in the UG.


When board.h and pin_mux.c files are modified to match the User Guide, the red LED blinks as expected.


Was I given wrong board in MCUXpresso SDK Builder or was this board's SDK based off of another board and not properly changed?