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MPC5777C M_CAN0 problem

Question asked by Markus Fischer on Sep 27, 2018
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is there any application note like AN5045 (MPC5777M) for the processor (MPC5777C)? There are main differents between this both CPU´s so i can not use this as example.


I try to use the example . But in this examplere are used a other IDE, so this won't work well. So I try to Change this example to use with the S32 IDE and i can not send or recieve any can Messages. 



IDE: S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture

Debugger: PE Micro Multilink Universal FX

Can: 0


I try to recieve an package and send the same package back. So after recieve a message not work, i try to send only a message, but there are any wrong in my Code.