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Question asked by Eishi Shibusawa on Sep 28, 2018
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Dear Sir


Customers use the i.MX6DL ENET with RGMII.

Please tell me about RGMII I/F.


The following explanation is on P146 of IMX6SDLIEC Rev.8.

ENET_REF_CLK is used as a clock source for MII and RGMII modes only.

RGMII mode uses either GPIO_16 or RGMII_TX_CTL as a clock source.

For more information on these clocks, see the device Reference Manual and the Hardware Development Guide for i.MX 6Quad, 6Dual, 6DualLite, 6Solo Families of Applications Processors (IMX6DQ6SDLHDG).


I confirmed the Table 23-1. ENET External Signals (P1062) of IMX6SDLRM Rev.4.

ENET_REF_CLK : In RMII mode, this signal is the reference clock for receive, transmit, and the control interface.

(It seems that the ENET_REF_CLK is used only when the MII setting.)



Does it need the 125MHz clock to ENET_REF_CLK when it is configured the ENET as RGMII?



How is the AC spec (Duty) if it needs the 125MHz clock to the ENET_REF_CLK?


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