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Jump to two different application in QSPI using freedom_bootloader

Question asked by dhanapal rajendran on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by biswanathpalbhowmick-b35497

I am using FRDMK82F board. I have two different version of firmware(V1 & V2). V1 will be placed at QSPI 0x68001000 and V2 will be placed at QSPI 0x68005000 . Internal flash memory flag (01 - V1 and 02 - V2) decides the target user app version V1 or V2. Based on the flag, freedom boot loader should jump to QSPI user application V1 or V2.


I have done the configuration in freedom_bootloader version K2.0.0 (refer the attached screenshot)

1. get_user_application_entry

2. bootloader_config.h

3. vector_table_info.h


Then i have configured the QSPI and transferred application .srec with QSPI addrss 0x68005000(linker file change and QSPI config logs attached). Application is not booting.


I have already booted the same bubble from QSPI @ 0x68001000 using ROM bootloader(K1.3.0).


I have done the same user application jump in internal memory for address 0xA000 and 0x10000.


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