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S32K11x interrupt relocation flash and systick

Question asked by Catosh on Sep 27, 2018


I am developing on a S32K11x mcu. 

when I use linker file out of the box from the MCU everything works fine (IRQ vectors are ram relocated).

I want to use vectors from NVIC, and then madness happens. 

I set --defsym=__flash_vector_table__=1

Now, I can no more use INT_SYS_InstallHandler because my vector table is located in flash. 

NVIC then has only 32 entries, and from 0 to 32 are all reserved for peripherals.

How do I enable systick interrupt in this scenario?

and generally speaking, core irqs such as Hard Fault, reset and NMI aren't enable by default in CM0+?


actually I place my code in 
void SysTick_Handler(void){


but the handler is never executed, only an hard fault is triggered. 


Any hint would be very appreciated. 

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