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Question asked by 晓 刘 on Sep 27, 2018
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We use the LS1043A as the main control chip. At present, the power supply and the clock have confirmed that there is no problem. We use QSPI to start, the 9-bit RCW_CFG on the hardware is configured by the pull-up of the resistor to the QSPI startup mode. We merge the generated RCW and UBOOT files into a single BIN file (RCW starts at address 00000000 and uboot starts at address 00100000). Then, at the beginning of the boot, the QSPI clock is 400KHz, and then the frequency becomes the frequency set in the RCW (we are currently set to 4.7MHz). After that, the oscilloscope test SPI clock and data waveform are repeated, and the serial port 1 has no any. print. HRESET goes high and ASLEEP is always high.

The oscilloscope tests the clock and data of QSPI as shown below.(Yellow is QSPI data, blue is QSPI clock)



What could be the cause of this problem?

Attached to us RCW+UBOOT programmed to QSPI_FLASH.

Thank you very much!