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Does the ls1043 correct for DDR memory errors?

Question asked by Tracy Smith on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by andrei.skok

Does the ls1043 correct for DDR memory errors? yes/no/maybe?


On the forum an NXP engineer checked and said ECC is NOT supported on the LS1043, but it's unclear if that means memory errors are not corrected on the LS1043 by the hardware (processor or memory controller). Just need clarification.


I have attached a ground on the data line to inject a DDR memory hardware error and I was able to detect the error using the DDR ERR_DETECT (E40h) register that detects if ECC errors exist. The ERR_DETECT register returned on read MME (multiple memory errors) and MBE (multiple bit errors) and didn’t specify the kind of error beyond this. The error was not logged in the Linux system log and I don’t see any indication it was corrected. Memory correction is critical. If ECC errors are corrected, it should clear the ERR_DETECT E40h correct? 


Also, please let me know which board in the LS family supports error memory correction and detection in the hardware and does it also support error detection from the software such as logging the ECC errors and does it make use of the DDR ECC registers for logging ECC errors? A more complete answer is greatly appreciated since memory correction is critical.