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TagXplorer cannot change the NDEF file access right correct.

Question asked by yang youyong on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by Jonathan Iglesias
Hi guys

I have tried to change the NTAG 413 DNA  NDEF file  read access from 0E to 00.
But I can read the NDEF file without any authorization . 
So , does the TagXplorer support to change the NDEF file read access? 
Step 1. Connect the tag and auth first successful  
Step 2. Select NDEF Application.  
Step 3. Get file settings , File No 02.       
      Got the default setting :                 
              Read Access Key : 0E                  
              Write Access Key: 0E                 
                R/W Access Key: 00                 
             Change Access Key: 00 

Step 4. Change Access Rights Read Access Key from 0E  to 00. 

Step 5. Disconnect Tag and disconnect reader. 

Step 6. Connect Reader and connect tag. Still can read NDEF message. 

Step 7. Use other readers send APDU command read the NDEF file data. And can read NDEF file without authorization. 

So , I wonder does  the TagXplorer support to change the NDEF file read access?