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SBC fs45xx switching problems

Question asked by Andrea Ricca on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by Razvan-nicolae Tilimpea


in my design I used the SBC FS4500, but during the hardware tests I found some noise problems. In particular, my board receives analog signals from some sensors and send them to a uC (S32K). Since, the signals variations are very small (from 100uV to few mV) I amplified and filtered them before to send them to uC. In order to reduce the switching problems related to FS4500 I followed the PCB layout recommendations described in the Hardware Design guidelines (AN5238), but on the board there are anyhow problems related to the switching activity of the pre-regulator. 

I chose this chip because it has: safety requirements, at least one 5V regulator, an internal CAN transceiver, an internal watchdog, a wake-up system by the key and it is compatible for automotive applications. 

My question is: there is a similar component (the requirements that I need are listed before) without a switching regulator that I can use in my application?

For example I see the SBC UJA1169TK/F of the evaluation board (S32K144EVB-Q100), but it hasn't an internal CAN transceiver and some other features that I need.


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