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How to change GPIO default state in uboot

Question asked by Raviraj Somnache on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by igorpadykov

Hi All,

We are using IMX6DL and facing issue in uboot to configure I2C2 signal to default pulled down. Below are details.

I2C 2 signals are connected peripheral and want this signal default to pulled down in IMX uboot.




We have done changes in board_init function(board/freescale/mx6sabresd/mx6sabresd.c file) but still for ~200msec I2C signal are high.

As per our observation system takes ~200msec to reach   board_init() function where we have added code and due to this default I2C signals are high, once our added code execute signals goes low.

But we need default I2C signals should configure low.

What is the default I2C2 signal configurations?

How I can configure above I2C2 signals default pulled down.


Please provide inputs to resolve this issue.