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100% duty cycle without deadtime- MPC5643L

Question asked by girdhhari lakhe on Sep 25, 2018

Hello All,

We are working on SPC564L64L3 controller and I would like to understand the working of deadtime registers (DTCNT0 and DTCNT1) in the FlexPWM module.

We have a requirement in the project that whenever there is a request for 100% duty cycle,

we have to turn off the deadtime register(means 0 deadtime value), and  flexPWM should  provide 100%  output.

And all other case (means except 100% duty cycle request) it should provide the deadtime of 1.5us.

 we are using complementary pair of PWM operation.


And our question is :-

  1.              Changing the deadtime value in the runtime is possible or not?
  2.            What are the point has to be consider before doing above said operation?
  3.            What are the register has to be updated along with deadtime register during changing the deadtime register value?

 Please provide a code snippet to do the above sequence.

 Please provide the answer ASAP as this is a propriety task for the project.