MCF52211 & MCF52223 documentation questions

Discussion created by MrBean on Dec 4, 2008
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We are designing a board with an MCF52223 (possibly an MCF52211)
The MCF52223 Reference Manual is very bad.
I think it is a must to overlay the MCF52211 Reference Manual on it.
Questions remaining:
The MCF52223 Reference Manual states that the reference  crystal is 1-16MHz (par 5.2)
The MCF52223 Reference Manual uses an 8MHz reference  crystal (figure 5.11)
The MCF52211 Reference Manual states that the reference  crystal is 1-48MHz (par 6.2)
The MCF52211 Reference Manual uses a 48MHz reference  crystal (figure 6.12)
The MCF52223EVB schematic (that is not provided by FreeScale but by Axiom altough it is a FreeScale product, not an Axiom product) uses an 48MHz crystal...
Does the MCF52223 need a 48MHz crystal or an 8MHz crystal ?
The pin function desriptions of the MCF52223 Reference Manual (par 2) show USB pin function in the quad function selections.
The pin desriptions of the MCF52223 Reference Manual (par 2.4 and on) show *no* USB pins.
(Not even USB_DP and VDD_USB).
The MCF52211 Reference Manual shows removal of the USB function pins in the Revision history (Appendix B.1)
What should i connect VDD_USB to ? Just to Vdd ?
Does the MCF52223 actually have the quaternary USB pin functions ?
PTDPAR (0x1000_0070) is not present (Reserved) in the MCF52223 RM ....
Altough page 2-5 and chapter 21 make me doubt that.
Do the MCF52223 and/or the MCF52211 have a working PTDPAR ? 
Header files i found after a long search seem to disagree.
Not only about PTDPAR but also about bits in it (eg. PWM2/PWM3)
(*sigh* why is it a puzzle, *not* documentation?)