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Question asked by Maximilian Gastager on Sep 25, 2018



we use the SGTL5000 in an i.MX6 system.



The VDDD voltage is higher than expected. The codec ist supplied by a MMPF0100-PMIC, a 1.2V-LDO is used. The Codec is the only load on 1.2V - aside from  some capacitors, there are no other parts. In the system, the voltage in the 1.2V-rail rises to 1.6V.

Suspected reason: The 3.3V-supply starts bevore the VDDD is suppliedm, so the SGTL5000 starts an internal regulator.


Does the SGTL5000 have an internal voltage regulator (as indicated in the datasheet)?

How does the SGTL5000 determine, if an external VDDD is supplied?

Are there any restricitions, on which sequence the supply voltages has to be applied?


I cannot find any information about this in the datasheet. Thanks for any hep in advance!