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K82 DSPI communication issue with slave device

Question asked by Gokulnath Kasinathan on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Gokulnath Kasinathan


This is Gokul working for K82 frdm board.

I have a problem with K82 DSPI.

When I use Half duplex polling example given in drivers example for dspi, 

dspi_half_duplex_polling_master.c in one K82 board as master and another k82 board as slave using, dspi_half_duplex_polling_slave.c in another k82 board is working fine.

Yet I am unable to see the data going from MOSI (SOUT) Pin.

Now If I Use the same spi master code for k82 and use a slave device, Iam not able to see data getting transferred to slave device.

I use CPOL=0. CPHA=0, ActiveLowChipselect. as configuration. The main issue is im not able to see the MOSI and MISO data clearly in Oscilloscope.

Please tell me how to debug this issue.