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iMx6 SabreLite BD - HABv4 Secure Boot Testing

Question asked by ashok rajasekar on Sep 24, 2018
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I am using iMx6 SABRELITE Boundary Device Board. I am about to Test HABv4 Secure Boot using iMX6 SabreLite-BD platform.

I am using GitHub - Freescale/u-boot-fslc - (branch: 2018.03+fslc - )

I have configured for SecureBoot nad built u-boot.imx

Then I used CST( script using ./cst command and

generated u-boot-signed-pad.bin u-boot image with CSF image with u-boot.bin.

I have followed HABv4 documents CST_UG.pdf and AN4581_imx_series_secureboot.pdf and secure_boot_on_imx6.pdf

I want to know Is it possible to Program the SRK Fuses temporarily not permanent for testing secure-boot & development purpose. Using "fuse prog" u-boot command will make the fuse register permanently programmed.

   fuse prog 3 0 0x20593752
   fuse prog 3 1 0x6ACE6962

   fuse prog 3 7 0x1190FD4D

Is there any way so that I can debug or test secure boot load & run the u-boot without permanently fusing the SRK hash.

into fuse map bank registers.


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