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56F807, PFIU_CNTL & PFIU2_CNTL, Processor Expert

Question asked by j... on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by xiangjun.rong

I am trying to erase\program flash on the 56F807. I have found that the application flash is comprised of two 32K flash modules (with some of the address space removed for boot flash & misc).


Using CodeWarrior 8.3 with Processor Expert, i generated the flash programming code. In that code there are 2 #defines that provide the register set base addresses:


#define PFIU_CNTL_ASM X:4928   //For top 32k of app flash

#define PFIU2_CNTL_ASM X:5152    //For bottom 24k of app flash

also there are:

#define PROG_FLASH_END   32767 //For top 32k of app flash

#define PROG_FLASH2_END   61439     //For bottom 24k of app flash


See "DSP56F800 Family User’s Manual, Rev. 8", page 3-12, for details on these base values.


The Processor Expert project is attached to this post.


The IFsh_app_2.c file in the attached example uses the PFIU2 registers EXCEPT when the actual word programming is done. For that final step, it calls:

IFsh_app_1_WIR_routine(address, Data); /* Process routine in RAM.


This routine uses PFIU_CNTL_ASM only, which is the base address for PFIU_CTRL, not the PFIU2_CTRL !!!


Why is this?


I have looked through the documentation and have not found the description that states to use PFIU_CTRL when programming the PFIU2 flash module. It's probably there somewhere, but I haven't found this explanation in the documentation and I want to avoid issues as I am near the end of my deadline when I found this.


I have run into a lot of bugs & issues using these over-priced, old, unreliable, un-maintained, CodeWarrior tools. I have to be proactive and understand this to prevent a potential issue.


All I really need is to see where, in the documentation, it describes to use PFIU_CNTL for status when programming the PFIU2 flash module.


If it is not in the documentation, then can someone provide a rationale or experience for why this could\should work?