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Question asked by crl6 crl6 on Sep 22, 2018
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HI, All,

Anyone can help me?


imx6_andriod8.0_source_code_1\device\fsl\common\tools\ had bug.can't burn sdcard.
After flash uboot(u-boot-imx6q.imx) GPT had been destroy.

function make_partition
if [ ${card_size} -gt 0 ]; then
echo "make gpt partition for android: ${partition_file} node=${node}"
dd if=${partition_file} of=${node} bs=1k count=${vaild_gpt_size} conv=fsync

function flash_android
if [ "${flash_images}" -eq "1" ]; then
flash_partition boot
flash_partition recovery
simg2img ${systemimage_file} ${systemimage_raw_file}
flash_partition system
rm ${systemimage_raw_file}
simg2img ${vendor_file} ${vendor_raw_file}
flash_partition vendor
rm ${vendor_raw_file}
flash_partition vbmeta
echo "erase_partition: uboot : node=${node}"
echo "flash_partition: ${bootloader_file} ---> ${node}"
first_partition_offset=`gdisk -l ${node} | grep ' 1 ' | awk '{print $2}'`
# the unit of first_partition_offset is sector size which is 512 Byte.
count_bootloader=`expr ${first_partition_offset} / 2 - ${bootloader_offset}`
echo "the bootloader partition size: ${count_bootloader}"
#bootloader_offset=1, count_bootloader=8191,${node}=/dev/sdb
#as follows command destroy GPT .
dd if=/dev/zero of=${node} bs=1k seek=${bootloader_offset} conv=fsync count=${count_bootloader}
dd if=${bootloader_file} of=${node} bs=1k seek=${bootloader_offset} conv=fsync


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